Why Homeowners Need Professional Bee Removal Services

Why Homeowners Need Professional Bee Removal Services

Everyone who spends any time at all outdoors has been exposed to bees. Their tireless efforts as they flit from flower to flower are responsible for the pollination of an enormous number of species. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that without bees the very existence of healthy ecosystems across the globe would be in jeopardy. In fact, bees are so important to the continued health of the natural world that Albert Einstein is widely reported to have said that if bees disappeared from the face of the planet then mankind would follow suit within four years.

There is actually very little hard and fast evidence that Einstein ever said this – but the sentiment and thought are valid. Although many species of plants rely on wind pollination bees play a pivotal role, aside from the fact that they supply us with honey, which would be sorely missed.

However, when bees establish a hive close to a home they can quickly change from a welcome addition to our natural environment into a dangerous menace.

Removing bees can be a challenging task, which is why many homeowners turn to professional bee removal services to ensure that the job gets done quickly and efficiently. However, are there other valid reasons why one would choose professional bee removal services, rather than doing the job oneself?

The first is related to cost. Bee removal experts not only have the experience that can count when removing bees, but they also have access to specialized chemicals and equipment that makes the job easier and more effective. A homeowner might be tempted to undertake the task him or herself – but the outcome is very rarely satisfactory. In fact, if the job is not undertaken by professionals the chances that the bees will return and re-establish the hive are high – and that unsuccessful removal will, in turn, requires a revisiting of the removal process at additional cost. There is also the matter of that specialized equipment – investing in that sort of gear is expensive – and if it is only going to be used very occasionally it does not represent a logical expenditure.

Safety is another factor to take into consideration. Firstly many of the over the counter pesticides that are available contain dangerous chemicals such as allethrin and parathyroids. These not only harm the ecosystem – but the residue from the use of these chemicals is not something that any homeowner would want their family exposed to.

The matter of personal safety should also not be ignored. A swarm from a European Honeybee colony will chase a human being for around 100 feet and an attack can cause severe injury. However, disturb an Africanized Honeybee colony and it is a completely different story. Africanized Honeybees will chase a human being for around a quarter-mile and are incredibly persistent and aggressive. Africanized Honeybee attacks have been responsible for around 1,000 deaths to date – these are simply not insects that any homeowner should be tackling.

If you have a bee problem then make use of professional Bee removal services. Not only can they eradicate a hive – but many also offer ‘no-kill’ services where the bees are relocated, usually to a commercial beekeeping facility. Professionals will ensure that your bee problem is dealt with quickly and effectively – while at the same time ensuring that you, your family and your pets remain safe. It is simply the right decision to make.