Interview with an EQN Guild Part 2: Pax Gaming

This is the second in a series of guild interviews, and if you can remember the previous we had was from The Dragons Guild. This time, we bring you Arywinn and her buddies from Pax Gaming, a community of like-minded gamers who has been around since 2001. The guild was founded by Sanguinous Rex and other Founders, originally for Star Wars Galaxies. The guild has branched out to other games and genres since then. Find out what they have to say about the latest and hottest issue about major changes in EQN – SOE becoming Daybreak Game Company.

Q1: Greetings! Could you please tell me more about your guild? How many games have you played so far, and what is the current number of your guild members??

Pax Gaming has been around since 2001 – that’s 14 years. We have 12 major gaming divisions and play on practically every platform of gaming: table top, PC, Console. You name it, we are in it. For numbers of our guild, I had to turn to Rawn, the head of Pax Gaming, and he came back with 1500+ members with varying degrees of activity. Of that 1500+ members, we currently have 8 new recruits for the Everquest Community and 75 members on the list waiting to play EQN.

Q2: EQN hasn’t been released yet, so what is the reason why you start to recruit guild member this early?

For us, we want to build a solid foundation in the guild for the game that we are wanting to play. We have tons of people already on our role call list for EQN. But we are always looking to expand our quality player base. These new players along with our older crew can make or break a guild in the game. The better we can be as a group going in to the game, the better we are at making it successful. Just look [at] our other gaming divisions. They all run like well oiled machines.

Q3: We all know that SOE has been sold off and has now become Daybreak Game Company. What do you think about the developer of EQ series being laid off? Will this affect the game?

We were all upset to see all those good folks go. Even tho[ugh] we did not have personal real relationships with those folks. We all feel a connection to them and wish them nothing but the best. We have concerns about the future of the game as well, particularly if they’ll be able or even willing to deliver on all the four “Holy Grails” showcased at SOE Live 2013. Until Daybreak speaks out on its plan, the who, what, when, or where. Paxgaming and Pax Novus will do its best to carry our loved Devs in our hearts and keep building [their] legacy. So at the moment, for us, its business as usual.

Q4: Many of your guild members are fans of the EQ series, do you want EQN to maintain their old style or you want it to be totally different from the franchise?

We think there should be a mix of the 2 Eqs. 1 and 2 laid some great footings for the game but EQN has the potential to really make it shine. EQN could be potentially be the game that gives other MMO’s a run for its money.

Q5: What is the main highlight of EQN in your opinion?

Wow! I don’t think we can nail down just one but here is what we are looking forward to. Full Destructibility, Permanent Change, Class Revolution and Life of Consequences

Q6: As what the Devs have said, they will be using Landmark field experiment for EQN. What do you say about this?

This is a great idea not only for the Devs but for the players [as well]. The players can test the systems and give [their] feed back and the Devs [can] make changes based on the feed back and the Devs actually listen. The real advantage is, the folks in Landmark who are going to play EQN, they can take what they have learned in Landmark and apply it in EQN. They, in a word, will have the advantage in game.

Q7: Are you interested in Landmark? (Or if any of your guild members are playing Landmark, please give us a reason.)

I am interested and [I am] currently playing. We just recently finished a Community Hosted Build. We have lots of members who are interested and are playing. We had folks who have been there from day one. It’s the biggest sand box in the world and we can build it any way we want to.

Q8: Do you want to see LM’s features appear in EQN?

Yes, we do want to see some of the features in EQN but not all of them. Each game needs to be unique in its own way.

Q9: Let’s talk about the content we know so far, what class will you personally pick for your first character and why?

I will pick some ranged dps/ healers class and it will always be an elf. Its the class I love. I spent 7 years in WOW playing one. Now that’s dedication. Now we have lots of folks who are dwarfs that play all classes so they better have plenty of beer or the natives will be restless.

Q10: Do you want to see each race to have their own racial abilities? (If yes) will it destroy the balance?

Darganon has elected to answer this question “Personally, I like making racial abilities social traits, similar to what SWTOR did. Adds a unique touch to each race without affecting balance of pve/pvp skills.”

Q11: Any race from the EQ franchise you want to exist in EQN?

Spikes would say Iksar. Kralle would say Ratonga. I have folks in Teamspeak yelling “Dwarfs rule!” As long as there are [Elves], I am happy

Q12: As the Dev has said that there will be no levels in this game, what do you think about that?

Me personally, I think that it’s great [that] too many games focus on that end level. Got to get to that level, got to get to that gear. No levels means you are not racing to an end. You can actually sit and enjoy the content that the Devs have put together.

Q13: How about PvP in EQNext? Many MMO players are not happy with it if we agree to combat in Landmark.

Dave has said that, from the start, what we have in Landmark now is just the bare bones concept. If we have learned anything about Landmark in any of its game play, it’s things change. The Devs have been very willing to listen to [our] feedback and they are taking it to heart. Now the combat is [very] different than, let’s say, WoW or SWTOR. But it is unique. It could potentially, with the right tweeks, be very effective.

Q14: It could be long before we see the game going live, what do you expect from this long wait?

I suspect Landmark to go live here in a few months, personally. Others would debate that. But given that the Devs have moved to work on EQN, I think I am pretty safe in my answer as far as Alpha for EQN I say, first of the year.

Q15: If EQN will not launch the Beta this year, would you still stick with Landmark?

Yes, it is my plan to stick to Landmark. I have loved this game from the first day I logged in and I am sure we will have a player base of Paxgaming members who will keep with it.

Q16: Finally, thank you for allowing us time to chat with you, but it’s now time for recruitment! Let the people know about your guild. How can they contact you? Or how can they apply if they’re interested?

It’s been a pleasure taking the time to chat. The easiest way is to talk to any one at We have a shoutbox that you can jump right in and chat with us at any time. We have a section in the forums for RECRUITMENT AND NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION [which] tells you how to apply and how to join. Folks can find me (Arywinn) in Landmark at Adventure Kettle at the guild complex Pax Novus or just add me as friends and talk to me. Any guild member in game is happy to accommodate anyone’s questions as well.

So there you have it from Pax Gaming! It is good to know that, despite unexpected changes in the MMO world, there are still people who value loyalty and dedication. We believe the Devs at what was previously known as SOE will be proud of Pax Gaming upholding their legacy.

Please stay tuned for the next guild that we will be interviewing soon.