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Are you a resident of Miami that has been dealing with bees on your property and do not know how to eliminate them? Bees can become a risk because if not handled well, you will be dealing with stinging incidents. To prevent the bees from becoming aggressive when relocating, it is important to follow certain steps.

Calling a professional bee removal service is the best way to ensure the safety of everyone on the property. Call our Miami bee removal services today to get the services of a professional.


Live Bee Removal – We do this carefully to protect the bees from harm and also ensure that there is no structural damage to the property.

Swarm Removal – Removing a swarm can be risky because the bees could attack. We have qualified swarm removal specialists to handle swarm removals on residential and commercial property.

Comb Removal – Bees build a honeycomb to store honey once they infest a property. We have trained specialists to handle honeycomb removals which can often be a challenging process that needs a trained person to accomplish.

Emergency Bee Removal – Sometimes you may not notice that you have bees on the property until you demolish part of a structure and find a large swarm. We have the skills to handle emergency bee removal and ensure that no one is stung during that process.

Property Survey – We will inspect your property to ensure that the bees are located and eliminated using the best methods so that they do not return to the property. Most bees will return to a site if they are not removed with expertise.

It is always best to rely on a professional service to remove any bees on your property for various reasons;

Bees can get very aggressive when they are being moved. If the process is not handled by a trained expert then there is a very high chance of somebody getting stung. A professional can remove the bees while ensuring that no bees sting anybody or any pets that are around the property. There is also the issue of structural damage to the house, especially when the bees are in places such as the attic or in small crevices of the property. A professional will protect the property and ensure minimal structural damage.

Complete Elimination
A professional bee removal service can ensure that all the bees are removed effectively so that there are no future incidents of bee infestations on the property. In addition to that, bee trapping is a strategy that a professional can use on properties that have had a series of bee infestations. It is an effective preventative measure that ensures the bees do not become a problem in the future.

Safe Relocation
Bees are paramount in pollination (especially honeybees), which means that they should not be harmed. With the population of bees reducing worldwide, they must be relocated and not killed. A professional bee removal service knows this and will take the necessary measures to ensure no harm comes to them.

Call Miami Bee Removal services today for expert bee removal from your property.