EverQuest Next Wishlist: Leveling Into Your Chosen Factions

everquestIn the original EverQuest, you were not shoehorned into a particular faction. Sure, creating a new character meant you started off as part of a particular race — along with the rivalry and alliances that come with belonging to that race — but the game allowed you to strike your own path. You could take on quests and perform actions that could anger your pre-set allies, and before long you will find your character aligned to a faction that previously wanted to kill you on sight.

Right now, most modern mmorpgs make it simple and easy for players to belong to a faction and remain in that faction forever. This makes for a very unexciting role-playing experience for some fans, especially for EverQuest veterans who know how wonderful it is to choose who you want to befriend and behead.

It would be great for EverQuest Next to go back to its roots and revive the faction system of the original into the upcoming next-gen sandbox game. And hopes are high, if only because EverQuest Next developers have promised that it will offer player-driven content, and nothing says player-driven content more than the freedom to level into your chosen factions. Faction fluidity fits very well into the ultimate sandbox experience that EverQuest Next wants to deliver to fans who have long been caged into choosing a faction at the start of character creation with little emotional investment.

Hopefully in EverQuest Next, we can be left to choose our own allegiances and archnemeses, and be given the questing and leveling tools to make each faction storyline a compelling arc.