Interview with an EQN Guild Part 3: Brute Force Miners

Guild_3 picThis is the third in a series of guild interviews, in which the two previous ones we had was from The Dragons Guild and Pax Gaming. This time, we bring you Styke from Brute Force Miners, a fairly small but ever growing guild on EverQuest Next. Find out what they have to say about EQN’s slight deviation from the franchise.

Q1: Greetings! Could you please tell me more about your guild? How many games have you played so far, and what is the current number of your guild members?

Sure. As of right now, we play EQ Landmark. And drolling over EQ Next. As far as amount of members, we are at 35. Still small compared to a lot of guilds in EQ Landmark, but we are growing at a good pace.

Q2: EQN hasn’t been released yet, so what is the reason why you start to recruit guild member this early?

To build up a strong foundation to march right into EQ next so we, as a guild, has friends to play with and enjoy EQ Next together.

Q3: We all know that SOE has been sold off and has now become Daybreak Game Company. What do you think about the developer of EQ series being laid off? Will this affect the game?

SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) was sold off to an investment firm and now is called Daybreak Games. As for will this affect the games, I asked my guild, and all of them said it is way too soon to tell.

Q4: Many of your guild members are fans of the EQ series, do you want EQN to maintain their old style or you want it to be totally different from the franchise?

Well, most in Brute Force Miners kinda miss the old style of EQ, with the element of danger lurking around every corner, and tab targeting. But [what] we all want, not just my guild member, [but] the entire Landmark community would like to see something different, but still have the feeling of old EQ.

Q5: What is the main highlight of EQN in your opinion?

This is an easy one – the AI.

Q6: As what the Devs have said, they will be using Landmark field experiment for EQN. What do you say about this?

Well, EQ Landmark has been out for a little over a year now and it has been a roller coaster of emotions and surprises. As in EQ Landmark, now is not the same game as when players like myself participated in Alpha.

Q7: Are you interested in Landmark? (Or if any of your guild members are playing Landmark, please give us a reason.)

I asked all of my members and all of them said EQ Landmark is a game of if-you-can-think-it-you-can-build-it.

Q8: Do you want to see LM’s features appear in EQN?

This is a tricky question as there is a lot of features that we all like and some things we don’t like. I can only say this for myself and that would be yes.

Q9: Let’s talk about the content we know so far, what class will you personally pick for your first character and why?

Half elf ranged. As I like to do ranged DPS, as I stink at most of the other classes.

Q10: Do you want to see each race to have their own racial abilities? (If yes) will it destroy the balance?

Yes, we all know that every MMORPG out there has [their] own brand of racial abilities. As far as balance, I think everyone at Daybreak Games making EQ Next will try to balance most of them. Well, I hope. (laugh out loud)

Q11: Any race from the EQ franchise you want to exist in EQN?

No, they said they are bringing most to all of the races into EQ Next.

Q12: As the Dev has said that there will be no levels in this game, what do you think about that?

It’s a great idea but very tricky to get it right. As in, do they exchange levels for gear, abilities or something totally new. It will be exciting to see.

Q13: How about PvP in EQNext? Many MMO players are not happy with it if we agree to combat in Landmark.

Well, from what we in the guild has seen, PVP had a huge surge when they added it into EQ Landmark. But it has died down until they can balance it out for EQ Next.

Q14: It could be long before we see the game going live, what do you expect from this long wait?

A better EQ Landmark and better tools to test for EQ Landmark.

Q15: If EQN will not launch the Beta this year, would you still stick with Landmark?


Q16: Finally, thank you for allowing us time to chat with you, but it’s now time for recruitment! Let the people know about your guild. How can they contact you? Or how can they apply if they’re interested?

Well there [are] a few ways to join our ranks in Brute Force Miners. You can drop us a line on the website: Or [you can reach me] in game: Styke, or you can tweet to us: And All Fear Brute Force Miners!

So there you have it from Brute Force Miners! The Devs of EQN would do well to take note that followers of the EQ series have a sense of sentimentality and a spirit for exploration too!
Please stay tuned for the next guild that we will be interviewing soon.