The Ogre race is a race of warlike creatures who prefer to earn honor and glory from their battles than to get wrapped up in politics. This race is very similar to that of their alternate universe selves in that they are among the hugest, strongest playable races available. However, these Ogres hail from the land of Akashidak. This land, which was also inhabited by Dwarves, used to be a separate land from Norrath. The creature, Quintas, opened a portal between these two worlds, however, allowing Ogres to enter the realm of Norrath. Rather than worship a god, this race of Ogres would have a leader named Brozka.

The Ogres are one of the largest, playable races here on Everquest Next. Unlike their alternate universe counterparts, these ogres have yellowish green skin. They are more intelligent than their previous counterparts, and they can also wield magic. Regardless of their magic wielding ability, their physical build and warlike nature would hint that they would have much stronger physical attacks. They may use magic more for healing and for minor attacks, but would be able to deal heavy physical damage as well as have a high physical damage defense.

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