The Iksar are the lizard men of Kunark, created by Cazic-Thule the Faceless Lord of Fear. With a past that has been both rich and painful the Iksar are known to be one of the most primitive races in the world, the only place they are found is on Kunark. They prefer to be isolated and are very confident in themselves. The Iksar are a tall race and sometimes have colorful scales all over their bodies and because they are reptilian, they are naturals when it comes to water and regenerate quickly. They have no allies but depend on their God Cazic-Thule. The Iksar are unwelcome in all areas of Norrath and other places in Kunark. This race of reptilian people are very strong and well-shaped for combat, their intelligence allows them to be powerful in the forms of magic especially when it comes to the dark forms. Dominating Kunark with an iron fist only to be challenged by the dragons themselves, a dark and evil people with a hatred for any outsider that might come to their land.

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