The Kerrans are an aggressive, cat-like race who look like large tigers, almost as big as the Ogres of Norrath. They are fierce warriors but this ferocity is balanced by a spiritual nature. In their homeland, the archipelago of the beautiful Kerra Isles, Kerrans live through cycles of reflection, exploration and war, maintaining a balance between each. Those that would disrupt this balance are met by the Kerrans’ ferocious and feral nature. Every year they celebrate a festival known as the Great Hunt where they celebrate their animal instincts as an integral part of the cycle of life.

Though they are fierce warriors, family traditions are important to the Kerrans and they deeply respect tribal traditions and ancestry. They are master shipbuilders and use their adeptness at sailing and navigation to travel around the world, a world which they revere and respect.

As a spiritual culture, Kerrans are drawn to the world spirit Nor’l which guides them in their daily lives. They are also associated with Shadaline, the wild spiritual world that some of the Kerran have left to settle. Though guided by a feral instinct, Kerrans are fierce in their protection of spiritual sites of power and seek enlightenment. They seek balance and harmony in their lives.

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