EverQuest next features the return of a RPG staple, human beings. Amid the more fantastic species such as elves and dwarves, there’s always a place for humans in EverQuest. Those familiar with earlier incarnations of EverQuest will know what to expect from humans.

Humans retain the same nature as in earlier incarnations of the franchise. Once again, they can be seen as a jack of all trades. Other races tend to specialize, and as a result will incur stipulations on class choices. Humans display the variability that’s typical of humanity in the real world. While they’re generally portrayed as good, the personality of a human can take any extreme. As such, their class selection is almost limitless.

Because this philosophy has always applied to humans in EverQuest, one can make assumptions about further growth. While the future’s never certain, it’s probable that development will continue to take this stance with humans. New classes, for the most part, will probably continue to be widely available to human characters within the game. Along with that, they can be expected to have access to the lion’s share of new features.

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