Depending on the lore strain and the region a chosen Elf hails from, he or she will possess light and darkness characteristics, along with the appropriate roles in battle. Elves are extremely versatile and can wield the greatest variety of weapons and strengths available in the EverQuest Next character lexicon. Elves are agile, adept at magic, and have other secondary traits like seduction and language dominance.

Feir’Dal, Koada’Dal, and Teir’Dal offshoots of original Elf genealogies are responsible for the growth and evolution of other warrior classes, as well as, the scourge of mystical and unnatural enemies being released on within the EverQuest realms. The curiosity and ego-mania of Elves is not unlike any other race, but their propensity for supernatural knowledge is known to cause many rifts in the normal schema of events.

Elves are divided into benevolent and dark classes. Each can learn to use spells and weapons of extraordinary power. They are keen masters of conversation and trade. No matter the allegiance, all Elf people have a root knowledge of the roles their ancestors played in the old Dragon Wars which influence much of the EverQuest historical landscape.

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