Dwarves are a proud race, originating from the city of Moradhim on their homeworld of Akashidak, which they share with the Ogres. There, the Dwarves were enslaved by the Elves during the two thousand years of Elven Dominance known as the Dal Era. Later on, they joined the Combine Accord, a powerful coalition of races comprised of Humans, Kerrans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings. After the fall of Bastion, the last Combine fortress, many Dwarves were forced to flee to the mysterious continent of Kunark.

Dwarves are short, stout, and hardy in nature. Both male and female Dwarves alike traditionally sport large beards, intricately braided and woven with flamboyant jewelry and adornments, which they take great pride in. This mountain-dwelling race is known to value honor, ancestry, and a good mug of ale above all else.

Dwarves are a race of warriors, hard-headed and persistent. Due to their physical strength, Dwarves are most likely to gravitate towards physical damage classes, often choosing to brute-force their way through problems as opposed to taking the time to think them through. That being said, Dwarves are deeply spiritual and it isn’t uncommon for a Dwarf to follow a more religious path as well.

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