Dark Elf

Dark Elf is actually a fairly new race in Ever Quest Next and Landmark. The race originated as warriors in an eleventh society. They were supposed to lead a somewhat normal life. However it did not turn out that way. They ended up with biological changes because they were stuck in the new place for too long.

They did not start out with magical powers, but somewhere down the line they got them. They joined forces with the people who proved to be loyal to them. These people were called Teir’Dall. Together they made a ferocious weapon against their enemies.

Rumor has it that the blood dragon runs through their veins. However, no one knows that for sure. If a dark elf and a regular elf were to get together, the child elf would be dark. The child elf never comes out light.

There were not just men in the Dragon War, there are women as well. Some of them are even Lieutenants. As long as they all worked together, they were able to over come whatever hits their path. The Dark Elf always prevails.

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