Long-time fans of Everquest have always been amazed at just how unique and engaging the story line and overall intellectual property of the games are. Both the lore and the art of the game are rich and varied, and this will be true in their latest installment to the series: EverQuest Next. The game will give you a choice of seven different storied races to choose from, each with their own distinct histories, culture, and lore. There will be the noble Humans, bestial Kerran, stalwart Dwarves, royal Elves, the war-like Ogres, the tragic Iksar, and the aggressive Dark Elves.

Choosing your race in an MMORPG is up there in importance with choosing your class. It’s going to stay with you forever, and it’s going to be what you look like while playing throughout the entire game, so choosing the right one is important. With so many choices, it can be hard to decide just which race you want to settle on. There’s nothing wrong with trying a few different ones out at the same time, but exactly where do you start? Let’s take a closer look at these races in EverQuest: Next and Landmark and see which ones might appeal to you the most.

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