Interview with an EQN Guild Part 4: Vita Nova


Here it come again, time to chit chat with another multi-gaming guild.
This time we have Ballin Stormhammer leader of the guild answer the question about EQN&LM.
Some might say Landmark is just a playground before getting into Everquest Next but this guild will show you how much they are in love with LM!

Q1: EQN hasn’t been released yet, what is the reason that you recruit guild member for guild?

Our goal in recruiting for the game is simple. We like what we see in the potential for EQN and we want to make sure that on day one we have a network of players who can help assist each other as we begin to explore the game together. Also we don’t just play one game we are a group that plays, EQ2, H1Z1, and Landmark so it make sense to support each other in the next Generation MMO.

Q2: We all know that SOE has been sold off and became Gamebreaks, besides the developer of EQ series has been laid off. What do you think about it? Will this affect the game?

I do not like the fact that developers have been laid off. I do wish that we knew more about what was going on in the behind scenes. However, we are unsure how this event will affect the game. It could be good or it could be bad. Time will tell us one way or the other. As a community of players however we will survive because we are not built on one game.

Q3: Many of your guild members are a fan of EQ series, do you want EQN to maintain their old style or you want it to be totally different from the franchise?

This is a yes and no question. I do see a need to change things because if you do not your simply playing the same old game. However, we like to see roots maintained or it can’t really be seen as EverQuest based. A good Hybrid of that idea makes sense. Styles have to adapt and change for the times and for the influx of new players. With it being fresh and new it sparks interest. If we as a community wanted to play EverQuest I or II we simply go play it.

Q4: What is the main highlight of EQN in your opinion?

EQN greatest highlight is the promise of an emergent AI. The fact that the world and areas can change and mobs can change location is amazing. The idea of players effecting outcomes in the world makes the world seem more real and makes you emerged into the content. In other words if your efforts affect things then you have a sense of contribution or investment into the world and this helps spark more dedication and loyalty to the game. Also it keeps the world fresh and new. One of the hardest things about MMO’s is zones and areas become dead or boring because it is the same old thing. No matter what anyone does they are the same. Even making an alt is boring because you have been there done that and got the T-shirt.

Q5: As Devs said that they are using Landmark field experiment for EQN, what do you say about this?

It really is genius to bring in players through a game to help build another game. Where some oppose this cause they say it is basically crowd sourcing I would have to say we like the idea. Let’s face it as gamers we are always wanting better more advanced games with more content and to have that feel of reality yet fantasy together. With this comes a need for high amounts of content. No company or group of programmers can keep up and make a profit. I don’t expect companies to make games for free. However with the players helping it allows the game to easily go to a new level of game play and keeps the cost of production in a range that can be managed. It is a win for everyone. The players get a better game and the developers can eat and make a living.

Q6: Are you interested in Landmark? (if your guild members are playing Landmark, give us a reason)

We are playing Landmark, The reason for this is because we wanted to help contribute in the building and development of EQN and any other game Landmark will assist in. We love that it allows creativity to flow. Also this helps us prepare for EQN as we get hands on experience on the systems. Many of the things in Landmark are a shadow or example of things that will be in EQN so as an EQN guild it makes sense for us to get our hands on it as early as possible.

Q7: Do you want to see LM’s features appear in EQN?

It is not really a matter of wither I do or not, we know it will be even if it is simply partial or basics. It makes sense to use it as a foundation because of how much it can change and be personalized. I like the idea and I know not every LM feature will be in EQN and I’m okay with that because LM is not going to end any time soon.

Q8: Let’s talk about the content we know so far, what class will you personally pick for your first character and why?

Personally I’m leaning cleric, everyone knows there will be need for support classes or some form of healer. I like how they are trying to balance it though where you can still do DPS. I chose Cleric in EQ1 and it simply just a roots thing. I will most likely play alts in other classes if the AI proves to keep the game fresh.

Q9: Do you want to see each race has their own racial abilities? (if yes) will it destroy the balance?

Yes I would love to see this. No I don’t think it will destroy the balance if it is implemented right. To me however it makes sense. It adds to the life of consequences and I think EQN should hold true to that value that your decisions will matter.

Q10: How about PvP in Next? Many MMOs players are not happy with it if we accord to combat in Landmark.

Landmark Combat is still a skeleton, I do not think it is completed however you must keep in mind that it is genre agnostic and this prevents classes really from being added. I also do not think that Landmark is focused on being a major combat game as much as a fun creative place to develop things. If you want serious combat I suggest EQN when it is realized or another game that may spin off of Landmark. Who knows maybe a western where we can all pvp with six shooters.

Q11: It could be long to see the game goes live, what do you expect from this long wait?

The launch and opening should be smooth in my opinion due to the fact that landmark is the ground work and systems check that means EQN should be one of the most developed launched games really in history.

Q12: If EQN will not launch the beta in this year, do you still stick to Landmark?

Of course, Landmark is not only about EQN and it is a creative persons dream come true. Landmark is simply a bridge or a window into EQN. If we stop participating in Landmark we risk hurting EQN and that really is not a wise choice of action if you are a person or guild interested in EQN.

Q13: Finally, thank you for giving us time to chat with you, time for recruitment! Let people hear your words. (Should you tell people how to apply to your guild, or how to contact your guild)

If you are interested in joining us please go to and register and then place an application. You will see an intro video on the home page. We are a solid group of friends who are always growing and wanting mature fun players. We aim to help one another and to allow you as a player to become a better player. One great thing about us is we are not bound to one game and our mumble allows us to communicate across those games and jump in and out as we need help from each other.

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