Getting ahead in the world of Landmark means getting ahead of the crafting game, which is as profitable as it is complex. While it is difficult to master, luckily the system is very easy learn. Crafting starts with raw materials. There are five basic types: Earth, Ore, Wood, Liquids, and Plants.

Earth and Ore:

Isn’t Ore and Earth the same thing? They’re very similar, but “Earth-related” materials in Landmark refer to things like grasses, sand, and dirt, whereas ore is specifically metal and minerals. They’re both gathered the same way. Equip the right gathering tools, move them to your hotbar, left click and start mining away. The gathering tools will be covered in depth further on. The easiest tips to remember when it comes to mining are to stay away from the spire (the center) and to also explore the cave systems in the game. Some ore will only spawn in these caves and won’t be located anywhere on the surface.


Wood comes from trees, as you’re well aware. There’s a ton of wood types in the games and they each have wildly different applications. Wood is similar to mining in that you’ll need the proper tool, and in this case, it’s an axe. There are different types of trees in different biomes, so you’ll have to journey well away from the spire to get everything. There are three basic wood types: Plain Wood, which is found in just about every type of biome; Burled Wood, which is found in the Old Growth Forest biome; and Striped Wood, which is found in deserts.


For liquids, the most basic type you’ll come across will be things like mud and water. A step past that, there is ice and snow, which requires traveling to biomes such as Tundra. Higher tiers include liquids such as lava, oil, or even tar. For liquids, players will need to have a bucket equipped to gather it. The uses of liquids are for stationary things like hot tubs or pools but will also have dynamic effects such as for waterfalls and flows.


The final material type is plants, which can be found growing within every biome. They have many different uses, but some of the more popular ones include making cloth for clothing articles, making props, and making potions. To gather them, the player will need to equip a sickle and simply find a plant to click on. While there are many types of plants found just on the ground in biome, there are some specialized strains that can only be found in caves.

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