Harvesting Tools

To harvest the above types of materials, the player will have to equip themselves with the proper tool. The tools can be used by opening the inventory and then dragging them onto the hotbar. Left click the tool to start using it once you’re near a node. To deactivate the tool, simply press escape.

Players start the game with basic stone tools, but these can be upgraded to higher tiers for faster gathering times and more efficiency. There are three basic types of tools:

For harvesting wood from trees.

For mining gems, metal, or stone.

For harvesting plants.

Those are the basic gathering tools, but there are all sorts of other types of gear a player can equip to make gathering easier:

Grappling Hook
These allow the player to traverse mountains and caves much more easily, particularly if you’re trying to mine ore found on the roof of a subterranean cavern.

Ore Prospector
This device can be used for finding larger ore deposits or secret caves.

Ground Sounder
This is the same as the Ore Prospector, but specifically for minerals rather than ores.

Bottled Moonlight
There’s also Lightstone, and these devices are like lanterns and will light up dark areas.

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