Landmark is built around the idea of land ownership. The ownership of land dictates what can be built where and what resources can be gathered from it. Owned land in the game is called a “claim,” and they function as the player’s base of operations. It’s a private area that the player or even their friends will be able to build structures on, place props within, or alter the land itself. There are two types: main claims and attached claims.

Main Claims
Main claims will stand on their own, which means they don’t have to be attached to any pre-existing territory. When a main claim is placed, it creates a red buffer area around it that can’t be built on by anybody. These buffers give players the ability to expand outward without having to worry about other players land-locking them into place. Two of these main claims can be placed and then added on to through attached claims.

Attached Claims
Attached claims are dependent upon main claims and must be touching them in order to expand. They can also be attached to other Attached Claims. There are five total attached claims that a player can have, and once they’re placed, they won’t expand the buffer zone.

In order to start building a player needs to “stake a claim,” which means gathering the materials and creating an item called a “Claim Flag” at their Tinkerer’s Workshop station. Once made, the claim flag can be used by simply opening up the inventory, right clicking on the flag, and left clicking to actually place the claim.


In order to keep a claim, a player must pay upkeep on it, which is sort of like a tax. Currently, a player will need to pay 300 copper per day, which means a real-world 24-hour cycle. The rate is the same for all types of claims, so two claims would require 600 copper and five would require 1500. Players will be sent a warning three days before a claim expires if they haven’t yet paid. If they fail to pay-out within those final three days, then they’ll forfeit the claim. This means that the claim will be removed and any resources or props in the area will be returned to the player.

Paying the claim is rather easy. Go to the Landmark button at the bottom left of the game screen and choose Claim Management. This will allow players to pay multiple days all at one time.

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