Landmark is just one part of Everquest Next, but it is a very important one. Landmark gives players the ability to create the world they play in. Whether you go it alone, or decide to team up and form groups, Landmark offers the chance to flesh out your experience and get immersed in its open world.

What You Could Do in Landmark?

Build Anything
Players will have the ability to contribute to the world they play in! Landmark offers the opportunity for players claim land and build structures on it. With state of the art building tools and an open world full of various building materials, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Landmark also features a realistic physics engine which not only adds realism to the building experience, but also a welcome challenge to the ambitious.


Landmark is a massive open world filled with untold treasures and materials to add to this satisfying gaming experience. As you take in the world, you can Traverse the varied terrain of Landmark and be rewarded with breath taking scenery as well as supplies, materials, and gear. Landmark even features caves where you can mine ore to support your construction projects. Exploring Landmark’s expansive open world will also net you rare collectibles worthy of bragging rights and could fetch you a fair price at market.

Make Your Mark
How epic would it be to go walking through the expansive world of Everquest Next and see something you built standing there for all to see? When you build something in Landmark, that is a real possibility. Some of the most unique and intriguing builds from Landmark will be added to the world of Everquest Next, becoming a permanent part of the world and giving the world a unique user generated feel. And if it’s your build, it is sure to offer a sense of pride and contribution to the community!

Earn Money
If you know how to create textures with a photo editing program, or have experience creating 3D models, you can actually create completely original content and earn money from it! Through the Player Studio, players can actually earn real money for things they create and sell! User generated content will be sold right along with items created by the staff artists and users will be collecting royalties from every sale. Not in-game currency. Real money!

Landmark looks to transform the landscape of Everquest Next forever and in some very literal ways. With a huge open world full of opportunity, Landmark offers players the change to claim land for themselves or their group, build their own structures, have the chance to have those buildings be a part of the world of Everquest Next, and even create original content that can be sold for royalties. Players will never tire of exploring the world of Landmark and collecting all the treasures scattered and buried throughout the vast terrain. Landmark comes elevates Everquest Next to a new level of adventure that is sure to satisfy seasoned players and as well as new.

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How to Build

You can virtually use your imagination and build anything with Landmark’s superior building tools. An unprecedented set of materials and tools means how you build will have an influence on what you build. You can explore Landmark’s world and declare building materials, territory and more. See what fellow friends are creating and help them build. You can also take part in contests, collect objects and even sell your designs for real cash.

When building, the menu comes with three options:

Material Selector – which helps you choose the material and texture you’ll build with

Cursor Shape – helps change the shape, delete or add Tools

Template Manager – which helps create new templates for your designs.

Building Tools

The building tool is necessary for building on Landmark’s world. You can use it to rotate the ground, select materials, increase and decrease mouse size and select mirrors. You’ll basically need this tool to begin building. There are basically four building tools on Landmark; Heal, Paint & Smooth, Line and Selection Tools.

Heal Tool

The Heal Tool restores the entire area back to what it was before you started building. It is a basic tool you start Landmark with, and useful especially if you accidentally delete something, and wish to restore it. This tool work in hand with the Delete and Add Tools.

Paint & Smooth Tool

Paint & Smooth Tool helps in replacing current material and texture. You cannot use this tool to add voxels, but can instead use it to change the material of a wall from stone to wood. It’s not to use when building the first time, and once it has replaced old material, it is reimbursed to your inventory automatically. The Smooth Tools rounds the edges of objects.

The Line Tool

The Line Tool enables the creation of a line between two ends. It doesn’t only create lines at an angle, but could be different sizes at either ends of the line. This is good for creating an angled roof or support beams.

Selection Tool

With the Selection Tool, you can change the material and texture of your wall by simply dragging the selection box around it and furnishing the paint tool then click. It’s a very convenient tool once you master it. You left click, hold and move the cursor over the area you want selected. You can also select by dragging from the corners or sides of the box to modify size. The Selection Tool is probably Landmark’s most valuable tool. Not only can you copy and paste entire sections of your design, but other tools can also be used in the selection box.

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landmark building tool


At the moment, Landmark has four types of distinct areas that are called Biomes. Each Biome is uniquely designed and has different characteristics; in some cases it even offers materials and objects than other Biomes. For instance, the only area where you can find a climatic pattern that consists of snow and ice is the Tundra Biome. Similarly, every continent in Landmark’s worlds is formed from two distinct Biomes.

Once you understand and know the types of Biomes that you would like to set your claim or declaration in, you’ll know what the weather pattern to expect.

TierIslandBiomes 1 Biomes 2
1AbyssOld ForestTundra
1BarrierOld ForestTundra
1ChannelOld ForestTundra
1LowlandDesertOld Forest
1MarshDesertOld Forest
1OverhandTropicalOld Forest
1RapidsTropicalOld Forest
1ShieldOld ForestTundra
1WetlandTropicalOld Forest
2DeltaDesertOld Forest
2KettleOld ForestTundra
2PointDesertOld Forest
2ScreeTropicalOld Forest
2SpineOld ForestTundra
2ValleyTropicalOld Forest
3HilltopTropicalOld Forest
3ShoalDesertOld Forest
3SpringTropicalOld Forest
4BrookTropicalOld Forest
4LavatubeOld ForestTundra
4OxbowTropicalOld Forest
4TimberOld ForestTundra



Materials in Landmark are divided into Tiers that correspond to Continent Tiers. Different continents are characterized by different types of materials. For instance Iron, a Tier 2 material is found in continents that are common with Tier 2. You may occasionally find the same material in a Tier 1 continent.

Furthermore, metal nodes normally have a second type of gemstone or metal underground near the end-point of each node. Ensure you dig up each node completely so you don’t miss any unique materials hidden beneath the ground’s surface.

Finally, make sure you have the right tools to gather your resources. To harvest a resource, your tool has to be of a higher or equal Tier to the material. Use the right tools for the right job.

Below is a list of materials that could be found through mining.

PickTierMaterialColorWhere to Find
Stone Pick, Founders Pick1Copper OreBright OrangeSurface
Stone Pick, Founders Pick1Tin OreLight MetallicSurfaace or the end of iron veins. Can be found on Tier 2
Stone Pick, Founders Pick1AgateYellowSurface or under copper vain.
Copper Pick, Founders Pick2Iron OreMetallic DarkSurface
Copper Pick, Founders Pick2AquamarineLight Blue-GreenSurfaace or the end of iron veins. Can be found on Tier 1
Copper Pick, Founders Pick2TourmalineGreen with Pinkish-PurpleSurface or the end of tin and marble veins
Iron Pick2Silver OreBright SilverMostly under Tungsten Ore. Low chance on Tier 1 and 3
Iron Pick2Tungsten OreGreenSurface. Often found with Silver Ore.
Iron Pick2TopazYellowish OrangeSurface or mixed with Amethyst. Lower chance on Tier 1 and 3
Iron Pick2AmethystPurpleSurface or under Tungsten vein. Can be found on Tier 3 too
Iron Pick2MarblePlain WhiteSurface
Tungsten Pick3Cobalt OreBright BlueUnderground on Tier 3 Island. Surface of Tier 4.
Tungsten Pick3Gold OreBright Yellowish GoldMostly under cobalt veins or surface in Tier 3 and 4.
Tungsten Pick3EmeraldGreenSurface on both Tier 3 and 4
Tungsten Pick3SapphireShiny Bright BlueSurface
Tungsten Pick3AmaranthineVibrant PurpleSurface on Tier 3
Cobalt Pick4Mithril OreLight Metallic Gray-WhiteSurface and also with Rubicite and Ruby
Cobalt Pick4Rubicite OreBright Metallic RedSurface or at the end of Obsidian veins
Cobalt Pick4RubyBright Shiny RedSurface or at the end of mithril veins.
Cobalt Pick4DiamondShiny WhiteSurface
Cobalt Pick4ObsidianDull BlackSurface
Cobalt Pick4AlabasterDull WhiteSurface

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landmark mining material


Quality Bonus Accessories

Harvesting Bonus increases the total amount of resources that you gather by 1% per point of your Harvest Bonus. However, to get Mastercraft Bracers, you’ll need to purchase the Explorer’s Package. In general, these accessories are currently limited to “Bonus Accessories.”

Harvest Bonus Accessories

These accessories increase the amount of resources which you can gather by 1 % per each point of your Harvest Bonus. Just like Mastercraft Bracers, unfortunately, you can only purchase this stat by getting the Explorer’s Package.

Improved Harvesting Damage Accessories

Harvesting Damage increases the strength of this gathering tool. This is mostly noticeable when cutting down trees, as the health bar decreases rapidly.

These accessories are one of the fastest I have used when gathering Heartwood. You’ll always receive Heartwood each and everytime you take down a tree, meaning that the faster you chop down trees, the more you get Heartwood.

Improved Harvesting Speed Accessories

Harvesting Speed improves the rate at which you swing your harvesting tools. It is calculated like this: Harvest Swing Speed/50 = Harvesting Speed. This means if your Indigo Pick has Harvesting Speed 75, and you wear two Gusts with Harvesting Speed 8.5 each, your total Harvesting Speed will be 92.

Improved Run Speed Accessories

These accessories increase your character speed. They are great for exploring the world or traveling between Tiers to gather metals. If you have extra materials, I’d recommend pairing them.

Light Source Accessories

These are lighting source accessories, and will add a bright spotlight on your head. Although fun, they are not yet essential as the worlds don’t get dark enough. The addition of caves in certain worlds may well change this notion.

Improved Harvesting Radius Accessories

These accessories increase your cursor’s size when you use a pick. A point of harvesting size will enlarge your cursor’s volume by about one voxel.

I wouldn’t recommend these accessories as yet because I don’t feel they are worth using over other crucial accessories.

Improved Harvesting Reach Accessories

These accessories increase your harvesting reach, meaning it will improve the range which you can harvest resources from. It uses a formula to come up with your reach stat.

In terms of Harvesting Radius, I personally did not find this stat much useful as yet.

Jumping Height Accessories

These are jumping height accessories which enable you to jump higher. If you possess a grappling hook to help climb cliffs and hills, I don’t think there’ll be a time when you would need to use this accessory.

Rare Resource Collection Rate Accessories

These are among the useful and important Landmark accessories right now. Each area of discovery greatly increases your chances of obtaining rare resources. Resources include; heartwood, essence of earth and elemental ore. I highly recommend these accessories for making early discoveries. This is a very useful stat.

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