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Some of the game mechanics that were announced recently in Everquest Next include Multi Class, Destructibility, Permanent Change, Emergent AI, A Life of Consequence, Siege Warfare, and more.

EQN is the first game to implement environments that can be destroyed in the entire game. Players can manipulate the world and they can have the ability to interact and explore with it in a lot of ways. These include blowing gaping holes into the ground using their combat abilities, or simply venturing into deep bedrock beneath the surface. Sky is the limit for the EQN world. These destroyed environments can also regenerate over time.

Permanent Change
The world can also be changed by players in a way that is dramatic and permanent. Players, creatures, and NPCs can join in and together build or destroy city walls, win or lose large-scale wars, and create an epic story that will span months or years.

Emergent AI
NPCs in EQN will behave in a way that is significant and unpredictable. Most of these NPC’s decisions will be based not on static spawn points but mostly on core values. For examples, try walking into an area with an Orc while you are carrying large amounts of gold, and the Orcs will attack you because of your load, and not only because you have walked into their attack radius. Also, mobs will have AI features, such as the game intelligently relocating the spawn camps to a different location based on what the mob requires. Players can alter this in a permanent way either by constant interaction with unfriendly NPCs, which changes the data, or by attacking the mobs chasing them to a different location.

A Life of Consequence
Every character in EQN will not be following a pre-laid path but will have a unique story. The constantly changing Sandbox world will be a world of adventure while seeking for fame and fortune for most. Every choice and action a player will do will be remembered by the game resulting to delivery of more organically generated opportunities based on what a player likes to do. For example, a player who chose to kill the humans being assaulted by orc bandits, rather than saving them, will eventually be not allowed to be a Paladin.

Siege Warfare
EQN will have siege warfare as one of its large features in PvP and PvE. At the moment, it seems that projectile physics will be a large part of the game in terms of the bows and siege weaponry. So far, it has been confirmed that catapults are the only siege weapons available, which can lob fiery targets, causing damage to the environment and its neighboring people as well. A rough cut version of this feature was showcased recently. However, it is not known yet if only rally calls will initiate siege warfare, or it can also be started as a common event.

Loot – sensible item drops from sensible sources.
PvP – no confirmed details on this yet.

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