With the Warrior class, players will be able to use a type of combatant that allows them to more easily get through the game due to its durability and lethal attacks. Whether you are a beginner at this game or a seasoned player, using the Warrior will allow you to experience much enjoyment when playing EverQuest Next.

With the Warrior, players are able to use one type of combatant that can issue lots of damage to enemies. They use hammers and shields when fighting and can leap to enemies, use whirlwind attacks to destroy terrain and also well as using the shield bash to eliminate enemies. They can also use the blade dash attack to provide a powerful charge and inflict lots of damage on enemies.

The Everquest Next Warrior is arguably the strongest class of all due to its ability to withstand the most damage. This class can also withstand lots of aggression from enemy combatants as well. Due to the strength and types of abilities such as the furious leap, blade dash and whirlwind, the warrior is arguably the most valuable class in the game.


Below is a list of all confirmed classes at the moment

Cleric Elementalist Tempest Warrior Wizard

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