A tempest is the assassin class in Everquest Next. This class is a nature origin class and is more based upon movement. When it comes to attacking, they do a quick “hit and run” scenario where they attack their enemies and quickly exits before the enemy was even aware of their presence. Their attacks consist of lightning and physical damage types. Some even describe their attacking to be “storm-flavored.”

The abilities of a tempest include Energize, Clusterstorm, Lightning Strike, Cyclone, and Spark Rush. They also have one utility ability slot, two movement ability slots, and one offensive ability slot. With the right strategy, a tempest may be able to take down powerful enemies without those enemies even landing a single hit. Since the nature of a tempest’s attack is “hit and run,” a tempest may be able to strike an enemy with Lightning Strike while he isn’t looking. While the enemy tries to turn around to face the enemy who dares to strike them, the tempest can use Spark Rush to hurry and stay out of their view and keep attacking them from behind. To finish the enemy off, the tempest can use Cyclone, which can also heal their armor.


Below is a list of all confirmed classes at the moment

Cleric Elementalist Tempest Warrior Wizard

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