The Elementalist class in the upcoming game, “Everquest Next,” seeks to break the now traditional trinity of tank/healer/DPS, and instead focuses on control. Utilizing the elements of fire and ice, the Elementalist is capable of high levels of crowd control and environmental manipulation.

Most of the Elementalist’s abilities will be AOE based, and will focus more on disruption than damage, although he will also be fully able to deal out a fair amount of DPS thanks to an interesting mechanic to his abilities. The closer an enemy gets to the Elementalist, the more damage they will sustain. For example, one of the abilities that has been showcased is “ice Shards.” When used, the Elementalist will launch three ice projectiles towards enemies, dealing damage to multiple targets. However, if a single enemy is closer than others, then multiple shards can hit one target, which will deal considerably more damage. So, while the primary role of the Elementalist will be crowd control, they can also be utilized as secondary damage dealers.

The Elementalist will also play an important role outside of combat. Everything in the world of “Everquest Next” can be interacted with. In fact, this interaction will be essential for exploration. The Elementalist can freeze objects, making them more brittle and easier for a warrior to destroy. This will even apply to the ground, which the Elementalist can freeze, allowing a warrior to use cyclone to create a tunnel.


Below is a list of all confirmed classes at the moment

Cleric Elementalist Tempest Warrior Wizard

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