The cleric is one class you’ll be glad is on your side. Not only does the cleric buff and protect allies, but it also puts the hurt on enemies. Along with fire and radiance damage spells, clerics know exclusive spells that damage and buff at the same time. Spells include:

  • Heaven’s Vengeance, which damages any enemies that come within the area of affect while boosting the attack of allies, spelling double trouble for any opponents foolhardy enough to enter range.
  • Intercession, which charges at foes for massive damage while while giving nearby friends armor regeneration. It’s a great way to even the odds when allies are in trouble.
  • Blessed Hammer, which can be cast on friend or foe. It gives allies an armor boost and damages enemies


Below is a list of all confirmed classes at the moment

Cleric Elementalist Tempest Warrior Wizard

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