Although EQN will not have levels, there will be 40 classes, with distinct weapons to collect and be skilled at, and multi-level abilities. This allows players to have deeply customized characters, even to the point of having mixed and matched abilities from different classes, truly giving that feeling of individuality and invincibility. There will be 40 different playable classes, with 8 readily available to choose from at the start of the game. Each class is further categorized into damage types and origins. Each of the 40 classes are also categorized according to origin and damage type, giving players a quick view of the character’s importance or lack of. All of these offers players a customized way of gameplay, and the ability to explore and interact according to how they tailor-made it.

A player can have one or more classes. A current class is chosen and this will determine what weapons sets will be made available, together with opening the character to 4 ability slots which can utilize that class, or other class abilities that a character can unlock.

5 tiers of progression are available to each class. These progressions can be unlocked independently from a different class.

How It Works
A character can have 8 abilities – 4 weapon abilities and 4 character abilities.

Weapon Abilities
This is mainly based on your class and the weapons that you have. For instance, a Warrior with a longsword will have more 1v1 attacks, while a Warrior with a giant halberd will have large AoE sweep and ground pound attacks. These abilities can be changed if you swap weapons, or change class. These abilities help define your character as they are unique to your chosen class.

Character Abilities
Contrary to weapon abilities, character abilities are based on class only. Players can choose from 4 types: Offensive, Defensive,Movement and Utility. The class you choose will determine what ability types you will have. Players need to unlock the abilities in order to be able to change their ability to another one. However, the abilities that you have swapped with will not be modified for your class. For example, when changing from a Wizard to a Warrior, the teleport ability, although easy for the Wizard, will require a significant amount of mana from a Warrior. So, in order to compensate with this hybrid, and with the loss of the Warrior-specific gear needed to use this ability, the Warrior has to arm himself with more special gears.

Below is a list of all confirmed classes at the moment

Cleric Elementalist Tempest Warrior Wizard
EverQuest Next Image

EverQuest Next Image

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