Summary of Important News in EQNext on Sep 2014

The most captivating stories on EQNext this past September include talk about AI system and life consequences and the untimely resignation of Sony Online Entertainment International Brand Manager.

omeed-darianiSony Online Entertainment International Brand Manager Resigns September 14, 2014 – Omeed Dariani, the SOE International Brand Manager has resigned from his senior position at the company. Dariani wrote about this decision to resign on the social media; he cited philosophical differences with the EverQuest Landmark development team as the main reason behind his sudden decision. Dariani revealed that the management hierarchy failed to buy his idea of advancing the “community first” approach in building the EverQuest Next and Landmark brands. Despite the sad resignation, Dariani said that he has tremendous respect for the company and his former colleagues at SOE.

Talk about AI system and life consequences by EQ-Next developers September 30, 2014 – EverQuest Next has become one of the most highly awaited MMORPG online games. When released, the game will operate usingthe superb Forgelight gaming engine; this gaming platform comes with a set
of powerful lighting effects. The other notable features of this upcoming game include sandbox style MMO, Destructible environment and the Emergent Gameplay feature, alongside other potent new capabilities. EverQuest Next developers recently released a YouTube video making a case for life of consequences and AI system. The 30-minute long video discusses how Individual NPC’s have been designed to act differently and unconventionally. The other critical change in the gaming setup will be the fact that events around the world will be happening in a dynamic fashion; this is partially because hubs will be eliminated this time around.

The game is designed along the lines of SOE’s “Planetside 2”; the game will feature a world that is split into different territories. Events in the land will be influenced by the decisions and actions of the participating players. Another reason to look forward to, regarding the
upcoming release, is the effects of the trickle effects. This is because current actions have been designed to affect future or other events. In essence, monumental events such as the demolition of the world or the death of a King, will all tied to the actions of the players. Players can also come out and help warring factions like Dark Elves, conquer the territories under the control of the Driads, in spite of the expected repercussions. The creators of EverQuest Next have also intimated that they want to get out of the usual boring routine of having the same kind of actions repeated.

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According to Steve Danuser, the Lead Content Designer of the new program, gamers will no longer walk-up into an area to watch a group of NPCs standing around with question marks not knowing what their next assignment entails. The players will instead be led to areas where action events are taking place, all throughout the land of Norath. Gamers will also have the opportunity to influence the games in their own unique and different ways. In addition, the NPCs will work and lead virtual lives by following through the ambitions assigned to them by the developers. Case in point; depending on the actions of the player, an incursion into the Serpentspine Mountains by the Koboib could trigger an awakening of destructive evil forces. Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of the upcoming game is the ability to build and destroy things.

Lead honchos at SOE expect overwhelming response from players, in regards to the changes the development team has effected on EverQuest Next genre. Some of these changes are evident in the Landmark project; players should expect a different MMO with a different backstory. For example, the power bestowed on the player makes it incredibly fascinating to watch the conquest and demise of an enemy combatant. The design team behind the new release will also alter the manner in which players interact with non-player characters. SOE hopes to make EverQuest Next a free-to-play game once it is released; this means that buyers won’t be prompted to pay subscription fee during the initial run of the game. Despite the ever growing hype, the much awaited release date for EverQuest Next PC and PS4 editions is yet to be announced.

Explanation of EQNext Landmark

If you are a fan of the EverQuest franchise, you will absolutely love what is about to happen in the very near future. Though EverquestNext, the upcoming free to play online MMO, doesn’t yet have an official release date, fans of the series are hungry for any and all information they can get their hands on. That includes information on how you…yes, you…can help develop the game. This brings us to EverquestNext Landmark, the one of a kind opportunity to get in on the action before EverquestNext is even introduced.

What is EverquestNext Landmark?

eqnextlandmarkEverquestNext Landmark is sort of like a pre-cursor to the release of the EverquestNext game. In the game, you will be able to design and manage objects, buildings and more. These items may be used in the future by the developers and be added to EverquestNext!

EQN Landmark Alpha will be launching on or before February 28th, 2014, and you will have a chance, by picking up a Founder’s Pack on the official website, to participate. However, the EQN Landmark and Main EQN release date are still unknown. In order to get access to EQN Landmark, you will need to buy one of the three different founders packs. These packs, ranging from $19.99 to $99.99 will not only allow you to enter the EQN Landmark world; you can also get access to a number of features. Only two of the packs will allow you access on the 28th, but by the end of March, no matter what pack you buy, you can play inside this world.

Known Features of EverquestNext Landmark?

Now that you know a bit about what you can expect from EQN Landmark, you might be interested in some of the features. EQN Landmark is all about building, and there is really no limit to what you can build, besides your imagination, of course. Landmark is also huge, according to developers, so you will have the chance to look around, lay claim to land, gather materials and make your mark on the EQN world. Through a series of contests, for instance, your own structures and designs might be put in EverquestNext on a permanent basis.

There are materials, secrets and gear scattered throughout Landmark that you can get your hands on and you can use these items to make new in-game objects. In fact, you can even make real money by selling them to other players in Player Studio.

EQN Landmark is just a small part of the greater EverquestNext world, the possible biggest sandbox MMO, and it is the world that will serve as a reflection of your own imagination. If you have ever had the desire to design and play in your own world, EQN Landmark will be the perfect game for you.

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