Reasons To Invest In Pest Control Services For Bees.

Bees can sting. They can also be friendly by offering honey, a natural and loved product by many. The kind of treatment you get from them is dependant on how you treat them. Some farmers keep bees for commercial honey collections. However, in some unfortunate instances, they would come and form a camp in your homestead. An invite is never essential to them. If you are lucky, they would be on their way to the next location in a few minutes or hours. In some other instances, they might have to come to stay. What do you do in such a scenario? Lock yourself in the house never to see the light of day? Not the best decision. The first instinct will lead you to look for an elimination method. However, you cannot manage solo. The best approach is seeking pest control services. You will bequeath the task to professionals who know their way about when dealing with these insects. Through their help, you will get the following services.

Bee Identification.

Commonly, anyone would identify a swam of insects like bees. What most do not know is that different types of insects take pride in moving in groups. Also, they go ahead and build nests. However, it is a difficult task to verify if the insects in your area are bees or not. That’s where you require pest control services. The service providers will come to your locations and further enlighten you on the problem you have at hand. If you were able to conclude, they would undertake a thorough inspection. During their movement, bees prefer to wander together. However, when they find a suitable site, they might build hives in different locations. The attendant will check every possible spot to locate them before moving to the next phase of problem-solving. You do not want a situation where the team has gone, and you notice a few more bussing around.

Bee Removals.

Although most people loath bees, they are a crucial part of the ecosystem. Most of the fruits that you eat are a result of their pollination. You have to be safe and thankful. When they visit you unexpectedly, you will want to kill them through any ruthless method that might cross your mind. The high chances are that you might end up in a hospital with tons of stings. Outsourcing for pest control services eliminates any chance of this happening.
First and foremost, you must understand that bee-killing is an offense. Experts in this field understand this aspect, thus employing a safer method for both the insects and you. Once you notice them, immediately call for help. The professionals will come and remove the bees safely, transferring them to a safer location. The process is quite tedious and will require you to keep off until completion. Nevertheless, the experts will capture every insect and leave you safe.

As seen above, pest control services where bees are involved is vital. Without such experts, you suffer a safety risk that might extend to the rest of your family members.

Why Homeowners Need Professional Bee Removal Services

Why Homeowners Need Professional Bee Removal Services

Everyone who spends any time at all outdoors has been exposed to bees. Their tireless efforts as they flit from flower to flower are responsible for the pollination of an enormous number of species. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that without bees the very existence of healthy ecosystems across the globe would be in jeopardy. In fact, bees are so important to the continued health of the natural world that Albert Einstein is widely reported to have said that if bees disappeared from the face of the planet then mankind would follow suit within four years.

There is actually very little hard and fast evidence that Einstein ever said this – but the sentiment and thought are valid. Although many species of plants rely on wind pollination bees play a pivotal role, aside from the fact that they supply us with honey, which would be sorely missed.

However, when bees establish a hive close to a home they can quickly change from a welcome addition to our natural environment into a dangerous menace.

Removing bees can be a challenging task, which is why many homeowners turn to professional bee removal services to ensure that the job gets done quickly and efficiently. However, are there other valid reasons why one would choose professional bee removal services, rather than doing the job oneself?

The first is related to cost. Bee removal experts not only have the experience that can count when removing bees, but they also have access to specialized chemicals and equipment that makes the job easier and more effective. A homeowner might be tempted to undertake the task him or herself – but the outcome is very rarely satisfactory. In fact, if the job is not undertaken by professionals the chances that the bees will return and re-establish the hive are high – and that unsuccessful removal will, in turn, requires a revisiting of the removal process at additional cost. There is also the matter of that specialized equipment – investing in that sort of gear is expensive – and if it is only going to be used very occasionally it does not represent a logical expenditure.

Safety is another factor to take into consideration. Firstly many of the over the counter pesticides that are available contain dangerous chemicals such as allethrin and parathyroids. These not only harm the ecosystem – but the residue from the use of these chemicals is not something that any homeowner would want their family exposed to.

The matter of personal safety should also not be ignored. A swarm from a European Honeybee colony will chase a human being for around 100 feet and an attack can cause severe injury. However, disturb an Africanized Honeybee colony and it is a completely different story. Africanized Honeybees will chase a human being for around a quarter-mile and are incredibly persistent and aggressive. Africanized Honeybee attacks have been responsible for around 1,000 deaths to date – these are simply not insects that any homeowner should be tackling.

If you have a bee problem then make use of professional Bee removal services. Not only can they eradicate a hive – but many also offer ‘no-kill’ services where the bees are relocated, usually to a commercial beekeeping facility. Professionals will ensure that your bee problem is dealt with quickly and effectively – while at the same time ensuring that you, your family and your pets remain safe. It is simply the right decision to make.

Call Miami Bee Removal Services

Are you a resident of Miami that has been dealing with bees on your property and do not know how to eliminate them? Bees can become a risk because if not handled well, you will be dealing with stinging incidents. To prevent the bees from becoming aggressive when relocating, it is important to follow certain steps.

Calling a professional bee removal service is the best way to ensure the safety of everyone on the property. Call our Miami bee removal services today to get the services of a professional.


Live Bee Removal – We do this carefully to protect the bees from harm and also ensure that there is no structural damage to the property.

Swarm Removal – Removing a swarm can be risky because the bees could attack. We have qualified swarm removal specialists to handle swarm removals on residential and commercial property.

Comb Removal – Bees build a honeycomb to store honey once they infest a property. We have trained specialists to handle honeycomb removals which can often be a challenging process that needs a trained person to accomplish.

Emergency Bee Removal – Sometimes you may not notice that you have bees on the property until you demolish part of a structure and find a large swarm. We have the skills to handle emergency bee removal and ensure that no one is stung during that process.

Property Survey – We will inspect your property to ensure that the bees are located and eliminated using the best methods so that they do not return to the property. Most bees will return to a site if they are not removed with expertise.

It is always best to rely on a professional service to remove any bees on your property for various reasons;

Bees can get very aggressive when they are being moved. If the process is not handled by a trained expert then there is a very high chance of somebody getting stung. A professional can remove the bees while ensuring that no bees sting anybody or any pets that are around the property. There is also the issue of structural damage to the house, especially when the bees are in places such as the attic or in small crevices of the property. A professional will protect the property and ensure minimal structural damage.

Complete Elimination
A professional bee removal service can ensure that all the bees are removed effectively so that there are no future incidents of bee infestations on the property. In addition to that, bee trapping is a strategy that a professional can use on properties that have had a series of bee infestations. It is an effective preventative measure that ensures the bees do not become a problem in the future.

Safe Relocation
Bees are paramount in pollination (especially honeybees), which means that they should not be harmed. With the population of bees reducing worldwide, they must be relocated and not killed. A professional bee removal service knows this and will take the necessary measures to ensure no harm comes to them.

Call Miami Bee Removal services today for expert bee removal from your property.

Bee Removal from Roof Requires the Attention of Experts

If bees have built a hive on your roof, they have done so over a period of time, and you have probably not paid attention to this constant activity of the bees, and are now faced with a problem of bee removal from roof.

Bee hives are often formed in attics or can hang down in crawl spaces or under eaves. This has probably been the result of both these spaces not having been inspected or looked at over a long period of time. The best way to remove the hive from the roof is to open it up, and is a thing that most homeowners are loath to do, especially if the roof is new and recently installed. You can always crawl into the attic or crawl space and try to remove the hive, but this is not the best way for effective removal.

The reason for this is that going into these spaces is dangerous and rarely has stable footing. These spaces can also contain water pipes, electrical wires that can impede free movement, or get damaged with the frantic activity that bee removal requires. Attics are also never properly ventilated and can be hot, leading to the chances of the person removing the hive to suffer from heatstroke. Most technicians involved in bee removal will wear bee suits that are quite bulky and difficult to move in, making the work of visiting the attic or crawl space a not very comfortable one.

Bee removal from roof must be undertaken as soon as the problem is noticed, as over time, hives will become bigger and thus more difficult to remove. Many people simply have the bees killed but do not remove the hive. If you do this, the chances are that a new swarm will take over the old hive, and you are back to having the problem as before. The smell of hive material attracts bees who will then re-infest it, or build a new hive next to the old one.

Bee removal is best left to pest control companies who specialize in bee hive removal. They are the agencies that will have the right equipment and the proper experienced technicians who can use them. To start the process of bee removal it is essential to identify the location of the hive, and for this, you need to identify the place from where the bees enter your roof, attic or crawl space. You need to then remove the tiles or shingles at this location without damaging the roof in any way. You will then have to remove all the other roof coverings, like tar paper or plywood that form the supporting layer for the roof, and expose the hive.

Then comes the difficult job of removing all the bees and also scraping out the wax and honeycomb that you will find inside it. You will then need to apply a primer to all these areas as this will reduce the scent of the pheromones that will attract other bees.

See if you can screen off the entry point so that bees cannot enter again, and then repair the area of the roof that you had damaged in order to gain access to the hive.