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As a writer and a gamer, I get to spend a lot of my time coming up with strategies and trying out new games. My experience allows me to find the best features of a game that other players would find interesting, and implement it into my articles. This way, my readers are able to get all the information that they need before they even think about purchasing the game for themselves. If I find something that I really don’t like about a game, I will always add that into the article so that readers can see an opposing view. My goal isn’t to make readers want to try out every game I write about, but to make an informed decision about whether or not it is meant for them, and what they should expect.

I am a big fan of EverQuest and other popular MMORPGs that have been designed by Sony Entertainment Online. I have played most of their titles, from PlanetSide to Cosmic Rift, and of course the entire EverQuest series. I will often run through these games to pick them apart and figure out what strategies other players can use while playing them. This often requires me to play a game multiple times in different ways, possibly as a different race or class, in order to get the full experience.

While gaming, I will typically take notes of different ideas and strategies so that I don’t forget them. After that, I compile the ideas that I found helpful or important, and I’ll be sure to add them into the context of my article. During the editing phase, I’ll try to go through my writing as if I didn’t know anything about the game and will see if it makes sense and is easy to figure out the strategies. If it’s too hard, I’ll insert more details, and then submit it for completion!

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