EverQuest Imagination Gone Wild: Fantasy Classes

everquest-next-teaser-modelsLast month Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley teased the world with work-in-progress 3D models of what looked to be a heavily armored type class in EverQuest Next, the sweeping sandbox game that is set to shake up the world this year.

The image had our minds running wild with questions: Who is that character? What armor set is he wearing? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? How many equipment slots do characters posses? And most importantly — What class is that?

Based on the bulkiness of his armor, we think it is a Warrior-type class, maybe a Berserker based on that vicious snarl he has on his face. It would be cool to have the Berserker to make a re-appearance in EverQuest Next, but of course it would even be better to get a Berserker 2.0 class — along the lines of a Gladiator with the same bloodthirsty rage of Berserker but with access to a couple of long-range weapons like javelin spears and bola nets.

You may laugh now, but with EverQuest Next promising a fully sandbox world, that idea just might become a reality when players are allowed multi-class skilling. Here are a few fantasy hybrid classes that we wish we could create in EverQuest Next:

1. Doomsayer Bard – Most bards are often stereotyped into the support role, providing buffs and a few crowd control services to their party. But the doomsayer bard brings on the debuffs and damage over time with his ruinous tales of war and destruction.

2. Weapons Master Monk – Monks are best known for their peerless hand-to-hand combat skills, but they also train to fight with weapons and are in fact very good at using them (at least in the real world). It would be great to see a weapons-focused version of the monk, one that combines amazing acrobatic moves with intricate weapon attacks.

3. Possessed Mystic – Mystics tap into the spiritual world to provide mostly defensive benefits for their allies through protective buffs and healing. But what if the Mystic could channel the spirits in his or her body for a limited time, granting him or her heightened combat powers? That would be really cool, as well give Mystics more solo-friendly abilities.

4. Animator – Conjurors and Necromancers call upon the power of minions and the undead, respectively. The Animator goes a step further and gives temporary life to inanimate beings, like making a stone golem out of a slab of rock. A summoner whose toolkit changes based on the environment he finds himself fits in like a glove to the sandbox concept of EverQuest Next, although we realize implementing it will be quite a headache.

When should EQ Next Release?

Okay, listen up all you gamers out there. For any of you who are a fan of the EQ series of games you just might have to enjoy the ones that you go now.

Now for all of those who are familiar with the games already you will know that there is two out there. One of them being EQ and the second being EQ11. And the rumor is that there is going to be a further installment that will blow away the first two. The rumor is that this next installment will completely abolish the first two in every way possible. Now the question remains when will this new installment be released. I mean there is so much hype about it now and it’s only going to cause more pandemonium with talk of another installment being worked on.


And according to actual gaming sources the wait may not be that to far off. Apparently part of the next installment has already been released. And it was released no August 2, 2013. And that is exciting news for all of you gamers out there. Now the next installment is much better than the first two. And originally it wasn’t set to be unleashed until may 2015, 2014 at the very earliest. But due to overwhelming demand for the game they scrambled quickly and released at least part of the newest version. And according to sources out there this one is said to be taking over.

Now if this late breaking news excites you may be foaming at the mouth when the next one will be out. Well the next one will not be out for quite some time. Because of the early release of this installment they have to really take some time to hone the next one.